Business Description
We have focused our research on Korean Red Ginseng enzymatic ginseng and ginsenosides for nearly two decades. In the process, we’ve received many certificates and patents on our scientific studies of ginsenosides.
Why BTGIN Red Ginseng? - Enzymatic Red Ginseng - BTGin’s enzymatic red ginseng transforms saponin to specific saponin with the help of enzymes so your body can easily and effectively absorb it.

Authentic Manufacturing - BTGin does all the heavy-lifting at every stage of our product research and development. We are the original manufacturer in our GMP facility in Korea

Certificates & Patents - The best things take time. BTGin took 18 years to slowly and carefully develop our red ginseng products

Cutting-Edge Technological Breakthroughs - We founded BTGin to develop new medicine using natural ingredients that will help improve not just health but happiness. Our work can really be divided into a few categories: 1. The field of healthy functional food
2. The development of raw materials for medicine
3. The development of high functional raw materials and scientific application

Natural Immune Support Immunity Booster- Best Korean Red Ginseng - Immunity Booster Supplements for Men, Women & Kids
Healthier Immune System​

1. Healthier Immune System​
2. Increased Memory And Focus​
3.Helping Poor Blood Circulation
4.Improved Stamina For Men & Women​
5.Fatigue And Recovery Assistance
6.Potent Antioxidant Korean red ginseng (Panax ginseng*)
Products & Services

1- Gin Hongsam Saponin Plus - The Strongest Red Ginseng Capsules
Our Best Selling Immune System Booster
FDA-Approved Genuine Ginseng Product
Korean Red Ginseng Capsules enhanced with novel Ginsenosides Rg3, Compound K

NATURAL SUPPORT: Immunity Booster and help boost energy levels, enhance memory, and improve overall health and wellness
INCREASED POTENCY: Powdered ginseng saponin extract strengthened by over 20times ginsenosides in rare ginsenosides such as Rg3, Compound K
BETTER ABSORPTION: Normal ginsenosides converted to rare ginsenosides to maximize absorption
KOREAN GENUINE GINSENG ROOTS: No leaves, No stem. 100% Korean red ginseng root only that has matured for six years and harvested in South Korea.
RECOMMENDED DOSE: Adults may take 1-2 ginseng capsules twice daily at least 30 minutes before eating

What’s Inside (and What Isn’t!)
The Gin Hongsam Saponin Plus + Capsules from BTGin contain 100% highly-concentrated Korean Red Ginseng extract (Rb1+Rg1+Rg3(S)=30mg/g, Rg3(S+R)=20mg/g, Compound-K=5mg/g). This highly beneficial extract comes in our easy-to-swallow vegetable cellulose capsules (HPMC).

Fast Results
With some ginseng products, you have to wait for months to feel the effects. Not with our product! You’ll notice the benefits of these capsules before just seven days. You can experience relief from exhaustion and boost your immune system by taking Gin Hongsam. These capsules can even improve your blood circulation and reduce inflammation with strong anti-oxidant

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